• Please inform when Fuji Speedway opens.

    Open time: 9:00 to 17:00

    Entrance gate will open at 7:30

    ※ Open time and Entrance varies depending on race/event.

  • Can I visit at the date without any race/event?

    Yes, you can visit. Please check our schedule because we will close due to maintemance or reservation

    Schedule URL: https://www.fsw.tv/driving/monthly/index.html

    Entrance fee

    ADULT(over 18 years old) \1,100

    High school student(16-18 years old) \800

    Student and Children(under 15 years old) Free

    FISCO License holder Free

    Parking charge Free

  • Can I re-enter again?

    Yes, you can. Please visit gate booth with your ticket before you leave.

  • Are there place to have lunch?

    Yes. You can have lunch at the restaurant “ORIZURU” or buy at shopping terrace, located at back of grandstand

    Please check URL: https://www.fsw.tv/guide/map.html

    ※ Open time and date varies depending on store at shopping terrace.

  • Where can you buy souvenir?

    You can buy at the store in restaurant “ORIZURU”.

  • Where can you buy souvenir or FUJI SPEEDWAY Goods?

    You can buy at Road Station “FUJIOYAMA”.

  • Is there a hotel at Fuji Speedway.

    No. Please stay at hotels around Fuji Speedway.

  • Where do we buy a race ticket?

    Please visit the following ticket Page


  • When can I buy a race ticket from?

    SUPER GT Round2 on May3-4 Ticket will be sold from March9.

    SUPER FORMULA Round 3 on July8-9 Ticket will be sold from May11.

    SUPER FORMULA Round 5 on August5-6 Ticket will be sold from June8.

    SUPER Taikyu Round 5 on September2-3 Ticket will be sold from July13.

    WORLD ENDURANCE CHAMPIONSHIP on October13-15 Ticket will be sold from June1

  • Where should I go to buy a race ticket?

    Please select from the following method.

    1. At FUJI SPEEDWAY online ticket URL:http://www.fswtv.jp/shop/

    2. At a convenience store such as LAWSON, SEVEN ELEVEN, etc.

    3. By telephone TEL +81 550 78 1234

    4. At the Fuji Speedway gate for Race days

  • Is there any coin locker at Fuji Speedway?

    At information center and back of grandstand (\300)

  • Is there rental of whellchair or storller?


  • Lost property

    Please visit information center for the race period.

    Please call Fuji Speedway after race/event (TEL +81 550 78 1234)

    If found, please show us your passport etc when the item will be returned.

  • Is there ATM?


  • Is there any public phone?

    No. Please visit information center in case of emergency.

  • I have forgetten my password. What should I do?

    Please ask through “Contact” URL: https://www.fsw.tv/en/access/inquiry.html

    Please inform us your registered address, your name, and telephne number.