• Please let me know when Fuji Speedway is open.

    Open time: 9:00 to 17:00

    East Gate opens at 7:30

    West Gate opens at 8:00

  • Can I visit the circuit when there are no races or events?

    Yes, you can. Please check our schedule because the circuit may be closed due to maintemance or private events.

    Schedule URL: https://www.fsw.tv/driving/monthly/index.html

    Entrance fee :

    ADULT(over 18 years old) : \1,200

    High school student(16-18 years old) : \900

    Student and Children(under 15 years old) : Free

    FISCO License holder : Free

    Parking charge : Free (There may be a fee liable parking fee for big races and specific events. Please find our each event page in details.)

  • Can I enter the circuit again?

    Yes, you can re-visit us in the same day. Please visit our entrance gate booth with your ticket before you leave.

  • Are there place to have lunch?

    Yes. You can enjoy lunch at the restaurant “CRANE Garden in the A-paddock or at shopping terrace, located behind grandstands.

    Please check the URL: https://www.fsw.tv/guide/map.html

    Each Shopping terrace varies their business hours. Please ask our staff at the entrance.

  • Where can I buy souvenir?

    You can buy at the gift shop in “CRANE BOX”.

  • Where can I find ticketing information?

    Please visit this ticketing page.


  • When can I buy race tickets from?


  • Where should I go to buy race tickets?

    Please choose either one from the following methods.

    1. FUJI SPEEDWAY online ticket URL:http://www.fswtv.jp/shop/

    2. Convenience stores such as LAWSON etc.

    3. By telephone : TEL +81 0550 78 1234

    4. At the Fuji Speedway gate on the Race event days.

  • Is there any coin lockers in the circuit?

    We have two coin locker stations, one in front of CRANE Garden, and the other in the information center located behind the grandstands(usage fee : 300yen).

  • Is there any rental wheelchairs or strollers?

    No we don't have those rentals.

  • I have lost may belongings, what should I do?

    If it is at the big race event, please visit our information center behind the Grandstands or our information tent in the A-Paddock. Or if it is at regular business day, please visit our head office located next to the East gate.

    Or please call Fuji Speedway after the race/event(TEL : +81 0550 78 1234)

    If we found your items, we need your passport or ID card in order to return your items.

  • Is there ATMs in the circuit?

    No we don't.

  • Are there any public telephones?

    No we don't have public telephones. Please visit our information center at big races/events or reception in the control center at regular business days in case of emergency.