SK ZIC 6000 QualifyOfficial classification2016 / 8 / 20
Fuji Speedway(4,563m)Weather : Weather:(Q1)Rain,(Q2)Rain,(Q3)Rain
Ground : Track:(Q1)Wet,(Q2)Wet,(Q3)Wet

 PosNoNameTeamQ3Q2Q1GapAve. km/h
*5166TAKAYUKI AOKITAKAYUKI AOKI2'00.7552'00.1581'59.661 138.209
*3212HWANG JIN WOOHWANG JIN WOO2'00.9081'59.5271'58.8550.153137.278
 307IDE YUJIIDE YUJI2'01.4912'00.2781'59.9280.583136.972
 410STEVEN CHOSTEVEN CHO2'02.0382'00.7642'01.2830.547136.024
 509TIM BERGMEISTERTIM BERGMEISTER2'02.0392'01.1082'01.5930.001135.844
*4611OH IL KIOH IL KI2'03.0052'01.9822'02.4360.966135.638
*1702KIM DONG EUNKIM DONG EUN2'03.3612'00.9242'02.8610.356135.513
*3819KIM JAE HYUNKIM JAE HYUN2'03.9512'01.2192'02.0060.590135.475
 972RYU SI WONRYU SI WON2'04.3042'02.4432'03.3110.353134.666
 1008KIM JIN PYOKIM JIN PYO2'05.1652'02.5422'04.2490.861134.312
 1181JEOUNG YOUN ILEJEOUNG YOUN ILEDNS2'01.2532'01.562 134.159
 1203KAGEYAMA MASAMIKAGEYAMA MASAMI 2'02.6682'02.794 134.050
 1398KANG JIN SUNGKANG JIN SUNG 2'02.8652'03.4940.197133.913
 1401KIM EUI SOOKIM EUI SOO 2'03.0582'02.3030.193133.698
*21588AN HYUN JUNAN HYUN JUN 2'03.1542'02.9030.096133.657
 1646YOUN SEUNG YONGYOUN SEUNG YONG No Time2'05.554 130.835
 1731KIM JANG RAEKIM JANG RAE  2'06.942 129.404
 1853LEE SUNG JINLEE SUNG JIN  2'06.9950.053129.350
 1918AHN JUNG HWANAHN JUNG HWAN  2'09.2442.249127.099
 2023KIM JUNE WOOKIM JUNE WOO  2'14.2054.961122.401

Start Time : Finish Time : Entry:21 Start:21 Finish:20

Based on approval of the steward committee, Q3 started over.
(Q1) *1 CarNo.02, According to FIA Sporting Code Appendix L Chap. 2 .c), the relevant lap time was excluded.
(Q2)*2 CarNo.88, - Speeding at pit lane, fine JPY10,000
(Q3)*3 CarNo.12, 19, Breach of SCR regulation 34.2: Overtaking during Red Flag Penalty: Fine JPY10.000
(Q3)*4 CarNo.11, Breach of SCR regulation 34.2: Overtaking during Red Flag Penalty: Reprimand.
*5 CarNo.66, - Breach of SCR regulation 5.14.1: Minimum ride height demote 10 grid positions